has been growing citrus fruits for over 100 years. Our family has always dedicated to the land and nowadays we are in the fourth generation, keeping the same tradition as a guarantee of quality.

Among our products you can find oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits of the best quality, which are cultivated in the town of Algorfa, south of Alicante, where the richness of our soil kindly offers us the most delicious fruits.

Our company is very concerned about the environment, reason why we have always implemented methods that take care of natural resources. In the case of irrigation systems, we are pioneers in the installation of drippring systems, which enable us to make the best use of the water.

We follow the Integrated Production system based on the control of production and the use of organic fertilizers that results in fruits free from chemical products and polluters.

In 2020 we include other products such as cheeses, hams, vegetable preparations and sausages, quality products carefully selected in order to deliver real flavours that will delight even the most demanding palates.

Our long history in the production of quality products and in the door-to-door  sales position us inside and outside the Spanish market in your first option,  our products contain the taste of Spain in one sole bite.
The success of our company is not only based on the exquisite taste of each of our gourmet oranges, but also on the great responsibility with which we attend each of our orders.

Our aim is to make your purchase a pleasant experience with our online shopping system.

In our website you will be able to see real images of our products, with a technical sheet that provides all the necessary information for you to choose what you want and your pantry needs.

For us, the customer service as well as the after-sales service are key components in the process, the reason why we are truly committed to please you.