beneficios de los cítricos

Fruits in general provide our body with vitamins and minerals, which improve our health considerably. Citrus fruits provide a refreshing sensation in high temperatures and provide us with a wide variety of benefits, especially if we consume them regularly.

In this section we want to show you that apart from their high vitamin C content and the citrus flavour that characterizes them, they also have got excellent properties that provide health to our body.

In fact, if we consume citrus fruits every day, especially in the morning, we will  enhance their nutritional characteristics further. This way, we will be able to feel their effects in our organism considerably, as well as fight against some possible illnesses.

Oranges benefits 

beneficios de los cítricos: naranjas

Oranges are one of the most consumed fruits in the world due of their delicious and refreshing taste. They belong to the citrus group of the Rutaceae family and have got high vitamin C content.

Oranges also contain antioxidants, promote healing and strengthen the immune system of the whole body. They also have small amounts of magnesium, calcium, folic acid, beta-carotene, potassium, zinc and different types of acids such as oxalic, tartaric and malic.

Among the varieties of oranges we can find are Valencian, Sanguine, Persian and Navel oranges. Most of these typologies are hybrids, which are created from maxima, reticulated and medical citrus species.

Lemon benefits 

Beneficios de los cítricos: limones

Known as lime or lemon, both species are citrus fruits of the genus citrus and belong to the group of Rutaceae. There are also several varieties such as verna, mesero, eureka, femminello, among others. These are grown in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Lemon juice is used in many ways, or it can be combined with other drinks. This fruit refreshes and causes an astringent and antibacterial effect on the body. The citric acid enhances the vitamin C action.

Similarly, it is excellent for people who have problems with their digestive system, because it helps to relieve the feeling of heaviness of some foods. As well as it does relieve the acidity and burning sensation produced by excesses.

On another hand, lemon peel can also be used for different preparations and sweets. In fact, for confectioners, this is an essential ingredient which the more it matures, the more its composition changes and its quality improves.

Tangerines benefits

Beneficios de los cítricos: mandarinas

Tangerines belong to the citrus group of the Rutaceae family. They are a little smaller than oranges, even a little flatter in shape and their skin is granulated. The skin comes off easily and the pulp has a delicious aroma.

It contains nobiletine, a substance that prevents the arteries from hardening. It also contains pectin, a soluble fibre that helps to reduce bad cholesterol, as well as prevents cardiovascular disease and helps to assimilate and fix calcium.

Two species of tangerines are popularly known, satsuma and clementine. It is important to mention that the ripening time on the tree must be adequate. When left too long on the tree the fruits lose their quality. The best time for tangerines is between September and March.

Grapefruits benefits  

Beneficios de los cítricos: pomelos

Grapefruits are also known as ‘toronjas’, and belong to the Rutaceae family. There are two different species, though both have that characteristic smell citrus fruits have. In addition, both species are aromatic, one of them is white, with yellow pulp and with bitter taste, and the other one, called pigmented grapefruit, has a reddish and less acidic pulp.

On another hand, it also has purifying and diuretic properties. Grapefruit has become the star of some people’s diet for losing weight. Many experts even recommend it for daily eating, or for drinking its juicing regularly.

Grapefruit is a completely healthy fruit with great qualities and although it is one of those products that people consume for diuretic purposes, it has also been proven it is an excellent element for people suffering from cancer.

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