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How to make a sausage table for Christmas Eve?

Something delicious? A good sausage table. Any special date? Christmas. Therefore, a special combination:  making a sausage table for Christmas Eve. Let’s go!

Preparing it beforehand

Think about which ingredients you want to have on your table, and prepare everything in advance. Do your shopping on time so that the party does not catch you off guard and you must make last-minute changes.

Presentation matters

Even if you have bought delicious ingredients, what matters in your table is its eye-catching, provocative and colourful presentation. To achieve this, it is appropriate to combine matured or cured sausages with lighter colour options such as Iberian pork products.

For that, you can combine with foie slices and cheeses of your preference. This way you will also add some variety for the palate, and different colours.

How to slice the cheese

Many decide to use cheese cubes, but that is more attractive for skewers. When it comes to the table, slices in the shape of a triangle will be perfect for decoration and tasting.

If you choose a Manchego, or a cheese with a brightly coloured rind, you can alternate every slice, matching the colours.

What to match with

A red wine of your choice will be perfect for matching it with. The same can be said of some good toasts, Sevillian ‘picos’, black olives, and Extra Virgin olive oil.

These elements will be a perfect starter, or an excuse to spend some time together as a family around the table or in front of the bar.

And, if you need more ideas to prepare your sausage table, we share with you our favourite options on video:


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