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In you can buy oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons, the juiciest and most exquisite ones from our own orchard, of our own harvest, something we have been shipping for more than twelve years through our website Gourmet Oranges from Orihuela. We send them straight to your home, with no intermediaries, oranges at home, by express transport (24 hours) in the Peninsula and between 2-4 days to different European countries.

Our citrus fruits will be delivered to you with all their flavour due to natural cultivation (we practise integrated production) and their harvest on the very day their are shipped, and the most important thing, they are fruits matured on the tree and only the varieties that are ready in their own season are shipped, they are not sorted in refrigerators and no post-harvest treatments for their maintenance, no polish or preservatives are used, you will be able to enjoy the authenticity of the fruits, in La Despensa de Valdés we send them to you with all the freshness and flavour guarantees.

In our online shop you will find Mesa oranges and juice oranges, which will always be of the same variety but the one that is in season:  we will ship Mesa oranges of  larger caliber and  juice oranges of smaller caliber and slightly cheaper.

The varieties we grow and ship are (dates are approximate): Navelinas oranges (from mid/late November to mid/late January), Navel Lane Late oranges (from late January to May), Navel Chislett oranges (May and June), Clemenvillas tangerines (from mid/late November to mid/late February), red grapefruit (star ruby) (from late November to May), Primofiori lemon (white lemon) (from late November to February), Verna lemon (from March to June)