Grapefruits (Red)


Also called grapefruits, the flavor of grapefruits is one of the most special among citrus fruits, a flavor that is like a hybrid between orange and lemon, a flavor that is between bitter, sweet and acid, who likes it. passionate. Water is the main component of this citrus fruit and they are very rich in vitamin C and folic acid, as well as a high percentage of magnesium and potassium and citric, malic, oxalic and tartaric acids.

Red Grapefruit (Star Ruby): in production from late November to May. With a slightly flattened sphere shape and medium-large in size, its exterior color is yellow with some reddish tones, and its skin is soft and fine. Its pulp is red and has no seeds. It has a lot of juice with a sweeter and less bitter taste than that of other varieties of grapefruit. It is one of the most cultivated in Spain as it is a variety of excellent quality.



Red grapefruit.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that has been used since ancient times to contribute in uric acid problems in the body and also to treat rheumatic problems and osteoarthritis. Its great health benefits make us consider grapefruit as one of our natural allies to feel better every day.

The fruit is composed of 88% of water, but it also contains carbohydrates and a little of fibre, making it excellent for slimming diets due to the citric acid it contains.

Besides that, grapefruit is useful for many other diseases, among which we can find:

  1. It is used to prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms.
  2. It has diuretic and antioxidant properties.
  3. It prevents constipation.
  4. It also strengthens the cells of the body.
  5. It prevents anaemia and to lower high blood pressure levels
  6. Its use is recommended to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  7. It also improves insomnia states and reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  8. It has antiseptic properties and is excellent for stimulating the immune system.
  9. Finally, it serves to improve skin health.

It is a fruit that contains high amounts of vitamin C and D which are powerful antioxidants and delay the appearance of signs of ageing.

It is also a good purifier thanks to its diuretic properties which enable all toxins are eliminated from the body faster.

How do you prepare grapefruit?

Grapefruit can be prepared in juices, shakes and slushies. It can also be added in tizanes or fruit salads, as its acid taste enables you to enjoy an intense experience on the palate.

The most famous recipes with grapefruit

Our recommendation is to prepare delicious juices or ice creams with this fruit, especially during the days of intense heat. It is a fruit that can help you to cool the body in the spring and summer seasons when the heat intensifies.

However, it can also be eaten alone by peeling it and cutting it into small pieces, perfect for a snack. It can also be served with other sweet fruits to counteract the acidity of the grapefruit, either in fruit salads or in tizanes.

Contraindications or cautions

Grapefruit can interact with some medicines due to its high concentration of vitamin C and D. Therefore, its consumption should be regulated if you take any extended treatment. In any case, the best is to consult your doctor.

People with hypotension problems should consume very little of this fruit, as its diuretic properties tend to lower blood pressure in the body.


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