Juice Oranges


Boxes of 10 Kg or 15 Kg of extremely juicy and sweet Juice Oranges. It is recommended to consume the juice during the day to make better use of the absorption of vitamin ‘C’.


Product name

Juice oranges


Juice oranges

How to prepare

The orange juice is very easy to obtain, you only need to cut the orange in half and squeeze it directly into a glass. However, to extract the most liquid, it is best to use an orange squeezer.

The most famous recipes

Orange juice can be used in many dishes and desserts. In the case of cakes or biscuits, the liquid is added directly to the mixture and this is a great substitute for the milk and water required for the preparation of the sweet. In the case of salty foods, the liquid is added directly during the cooking of the dish according to the preparation instructions of the recipe. Among the most popular recipes are chicken, duck or turkey with orange. But with no doubt, the best way to enjoy the juice is to drink it directly. It is perfect for a day of intense heat.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

As the juice is of natural origin, the beneficial properties are as equal as to those of the common orange. These properties include the presence of a lot of vitamin ‘C’, vitamin ‘P’ and water which bring great benefits to the health of the body. Vitamin ‘C’ is ideal for strengthening the immune system and preventing or fighting against seasonal diseases such as allergies, flu and common colds. Due to the presence of potassium and water, the juice is perfect for replacing electrolytes lost during a training phase or on hot days because it has cooling and rehydrating qualities. This juice is quite alkaline, so it is recommended to be consumed to control the Ph levels of both body and blood. Pregnant women and people with anaemic problems can and must consume this liquid to help much better the absorption of iron and folic acid. If you have problems with high uric acid or cholesterol, the juice can help you to reduce and control the normal values. Those who are on a diet or suffer from obesity or diabetes, which causes difficulty in the absorption of fat, can consume the juice to control this element.

Contraindications or Precautions

It is recommended to consume the juice during the day to make better use of the absorption of vitamin ‘C’. People with glycaemic control problems can consume the juice adding sweeteners, though it is preferable they take it with no added sugars.

Weight 10 kg

10kg, 15kg

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