Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruits. Its acidity makes it the natural dressing par excellence, widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. Its main component is water and it is the fruit with the lowest caloric value. They are very rich in vitamin C and potassium.

Primofiori lemon (fine or white): in production from late November to March. It is of Sicilian origin, and as its name indicates, it is the first-blooming lemon. Its peel is light yellow and has a thin rind, it is medium-large in size, elliptical in shape, has high acidity and a lot of juice. It has a very intense flavour, a high citric acid content and few pipes.

Verna lemon: in production from March to July. It is a variety obtained in Spain, they are big lemons, with pointed ends and an elongated shape. Its exterior colour is intense yellow, its rind is rough and thick, with a lot of juice, it has hardly any seeds and has a relatively low level of acidity.


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Natural lemon.

How to prepare it

Lemon is a fruit that can be prepared in various ways. The most common form is lemonade. But it is also used in the preparation of some desserts, dishes and alcoholic beverages such as tequila.

The most famous recipes

One of the most popular recipes is the lemon slush, an ideal drink for days of intense heat because it helps to hydrate the body.

To prepare it, the lemons are used with their peel and free of any seeds. They are placed in a blender and processed. They are then sieved to separate the solids from the sediments.

The liquid is put back into the blender and cubed ice is added in sufficient quantities. Sugar is added to taste and processed. It is served in a decorated glass and if you wish you can add a portion of some dry liquor of your preference.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

The lemon is a fruit that contains many vitamins, especially vitamin ‘C’, which provide a variety of health benefits. Its use covers the external and internal parts of the body.

It contains antiseptic and bactericidal properties so it is very useful for disinfecting and cleaning small external wounds, or for relieving the symptoms of irritability in the throat.

Vitamin ‘C’ is perfect for strengthening the immune system, making it the best ally for fighting against common colds and flu. It is also ideal for reducing cellular ageing.

The fruit also contains vitamin ‘P’, which is ideal for toning blood vessels and capillaries. This vitamin is also used in wounds healing.

It is low in calories, with 40 calories per 100 gr, reason why it has been widely used by people on diets.

Its use in beauty treatments has become very widespread. It is perfect for eliminating blackheads, relieving the symptoms of dandruff on the scalp and strengthening brittle nails.

In addition to all that, lemon also has purifying properties and it is perfect for relieving stomach discomfort such as acidity. The fruit is also used to remove kidney and gall stones.

It has an alkalizing effect that works as a PH skin and blood regulator.

Contraindications or Precautions

To get the most out of vitamin ‘C’, it is advisable to consume this fruit in juice early in the day to synthesise the vitamin better with the help of the sun.

If the lemon is used for external skin treatments, it is best to apply it at night, as the contact of this fruit with the sun can produce spots on the skin.

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