Eating Oranges

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Every season we will send you the most prestigious varieties of navel, natural oranges at home, freshly picked, eating and juice oranges, natural oranges with not additives or preservatives, directly from the tree to your home.

Navelinas oranges: in production from mid/late November to late January. Highly valued for being the earliest variety produced in Spain. They have an intense orange colour, slightly oval in the navel area and their rind is rather smooth. They are very juicy and very good for both eating and juice.

Navel Lane Late oranges: in production from late January to May. They are the oranges with the best presence, with a pleasant flavour and the right degree of acidity. They are very sweet and juicy and become softer as the season progresses. It is one of the highest quality varieties, they have a lot of juice and keep their flavour for a long time without acquiring the characteristic bitter taste of other varieties.

Navel Chislett oranges: in production in May and June. Organoleptically, it is the most similar to the Navelate, very sweet and juicy, its shape is more rounded, less oval. It is a more recent variety than other late navel varieties, and its ripening and harvesting is the latest. With no granulation problems, it has a high juice content and is considered to be the best late navel orange.


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Eating Oranges


Natural oranges

How to prepare

It is widely consumed globally.

The skin is peeled, which can be removed by hand or with the help of a blunt knife. The centre is the edible part of the fruit, but the seeds must be removed first.

The most famous recipes

Oranges are a fruit that can be used as an additional ingredient in many dishes. The seasoning of the dishes can be enhanced with the orange because the sweet and sour taste is perfect.

The peel of the fruit is widely used to give a particular flavour to some desserts such as cakes and biscuits.

However, the most common way to consume it is by eating its segments directly after they have been peeled, though the most common use is to extract the juice from the fruit and then drink it.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

It is a citrus fruit but many varieties of it have a very sweet taste depending on the area where it is harvested.

The citrus flavour is produced by the large amount of vitamin ‘C’ it contains. This vitamin is responsible for strengthening the immune system.

Therefore, the consumption of this fruit is perfect for preventing and fighting against winter respiratory diseases, such as colds and common flus.

Furthermore, several studies have concluded that the natural vitamin ‘C’ present in the orange helps reduce the risk of suffering an ischemic-type stroke.

As the fruit is also high in vitamin ‘P’ and low in sodium, it is ideal for people with heart and blood pressure problems.

Vitamin ‘C’ also helps fight against the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. For this reason it is recommended that babies are given lemon juice, as major studies have shown a significant reduction in cases of childhood leukaemia.

It is a fruit that has alkalising properties and is therefore used in cases of high uric acid. Besides, it is able to improve fat absorption so it is recommended to be consumed in case of obesity and diabetes.

Athletes can replace electrolytes lost during training by drinking the juice of this fruit. The potassium and water content rehydrates the body.

On another hand, the orange can help in the absorption and fixing of iron and folic acid. This is important for people with anaemia and for pregnant women.

Contraindications or Precautions

The benefits of this fruit are better exploited during the day, so it is recommended that it is eaten at breakfast.

It is advisable to reduce the consumption of this fruit by people undergoing other medical treatments with diuretics. This fruit enhances the diuretic action and the body may end up losing excessive amounts of salt and potassium.

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