Varied Citrus Box 15 kg


Make the box to your liking until you complete 15kg, with the kilos you want of each of the citrus varieties that will appear, which are the ones available at each moment of the season.

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1kg Table Oranges

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1kg Juice Oranges

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1kg Tangerines

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1kg Lemons

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1kg Grapefruits (Red)

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Seasonal citrus fruits.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

The most popular citrus fruits are oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruit. These fruits provide the body with a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are useful in fighting against certain diseases and  in preventing others.

Oranges are the most consumed fruit in the world. They belong to the genus Citrus of the Rutaceae family and contain a great quantity of vitamins. There are many varieties such as the Persian orange, the navel orange, the Valencian orange and the sanguine orange.

The tangerine belongs to the same family oranges belong. They are smaller, flatter and have a more granulated skin. Two varieties are known: the clementine and the satsuma. The best time of the year to eat them is from October to March. Their skin is cleared easily and their pulp is very aromatic.

Lemons also belong to the genus Citrus and to the Ruteaceae family. There are many varieties: primofiori, lunario, verna, mesero, verdelli, eureka, femminello, etc. And the majority of their cultivation comes from various tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

The juice of those fruits can be used alone or combined with other drinks. Its action is refreshing, astringent and slightly antibacterial. In addition, the large amount of citric acid is a disinfectant and enhances the action of vitamin C.

Grapefruit, also known as toronja, belongs to the same genus and family as the fruits mentioned above. Two very different varieties are available, though both are very aromatic; the white or common variety has yellow pulp and has got a rather bitter taste; and the pigmented variety has reddish pulp and has got a slightly less acidic taste.

How are citrus fruits prepared?

These varieties of fruit can be prepared in juices, shakes and slushies to refresh. They can also be added in tizanes or fruit salads, as their acid taste enables you to enjoy an intense experience on the palate.

The most famous recipes with citrus fruits

Our recommendation is to prepare delicious juices or ice creams with these fruits, especially during days of intense heat to help you cool down and reduce the thermal sensation of heat.

However, they can also be eaten on their own by peeling them and cutting them into small pieces, perfect for a snack. They can also be served with other sweet fruits, either in fruit salads or in tizanes.

The juice of some of these citrus fruits is used to prepare natural remedies against flu. The juice is also used in the preparation of desserts and meals that are succulent due to their characteristic and intense aroma and taste.

Contraindications or cautions

Citrus fruits can interact with some medicines due to their high concentration of vitamin C. Therefore, their consumption should be regulated if you take any extended treatment. In any case, the best is to consult your doctor.

People with hypotension problems should consume very little of this fruit, as its diuretic properties tend to lower blood pressure in the body.

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