Herradura Iberian Sausage 300 gr


Made with 100% Iberian pork, select lean meats, a fair mince and the best spices from Extremadura, a process with a lot of tradition. An unmistakable bite, with all its natural flavor and a 3 to 6 month curing process. It is sent under vacuum.

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100% Iberian pork, selected lean meats, fair mince and the best spices from Extremadura.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

Herradura Iberian sausage offers various health benefits. As it is made from lean meat, it reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, preventing blood pressure increase and the presence of harmful lipids.

Its antioxidants levels are high and helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. If you are looking to enjoy a healthy sausage, with an authentic flavour, the Herradura Iberian sausage is the winning candidate.

This sausage stands out for its high protein and monounsaturated fatty acid contents, it provides a great deal of energy, contains vitamins A, B6 and B12, and is also a natural source of iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus.

How is Herradura Iberian Sausage prepared?

Herradura Iberian Sausage is a product made with the lean parts of highest quality, it is prepared in a traditional way, preserving its original traditions where 100% Iberian pork, selected lean meats and the best spices from Extremadura are combined with a fair mince.

The selection of the lean meat from Iberian pigs is again cleaned, removing all the fat, becoming a healthy product, since the only fat is the one infiltrated in the lean parts in a natural way, in the feeding of the pigs.

Its natural horseshoe wrapping makes it cures in a traditional way and slowly, giving at the same time the opportunity to accentuate the flavours and aromas that characterize it. Curing lasts from 3 to 6 months; it has a weight of 300gr per piece, sent vacuum packed for its preservation.

The most famous recipes with Herradura Iberian Sausage

The Herradura Iberian sausage is the main star of the appetizers on any table and board, sliced and accompanied by a glass of wine is an ideal starter. But it does not just get there, it can be used as filling for pasties, or as a complement to rice and/or pasta dishes.

Broccoli and Iberian sausage croquettes, as well as potato croquettes, in combination with it are part of the receipts mostly prepared with this delicious sausage. Sandwiches with Iberian sausage accompanied by tomato, sheep cheese and red peppers are a delight.

Other dishes where Iberian ham is the star are the Iberian ham Focaccia, cherry tomatoes and rosemary, lentils stewed with Iberian ham and ripe bananas, and no doubt it is the distinctive element of the Tartar pizza.

Contraindications or cautions

Due to its salt content, it provides high amounts of sodium, which should be consumed in moderation by people with hypertension problems.

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