Iberian Spicy Sausage 300 gr


Homemade product made in a traditional way with the best Extremaduran Iberian pork. It is sent under vacuum.

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Iberian chorizo from Extremadura, hot pepper, salt, onion, garlic, pepper, cumin and olive oil.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

According to important research, it has been proven that a sausage contains the same amount of cholesterol, quite similar to that of a hake.

This type of sausage, due to the fact it is previously cured, provides a large amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins that are important for the body. Apart from its high protein content it provides a very important quota of the body’s daily needs.

A healthy diet includes this product because it is part of the food chain due to its high content of minerals, of which zinc stands out. Similarly, it has high values of vitamins, especially vitamins of the type B1, B3 and B12.

With regard to the amount of fat, the sausage is made up of 30% of fat, but this should not alarm you, as three quarters of this fat is of the unsaturated type. It is also made up of fatty acids which, together with the unsaturated fat, satisfy the necessary lipids required by the body.

Our product is made entirely from Iberian pigs from the region of Extremadura. These pigs have a very limited cholesterol content. When the pig is processed and subsequently cured, cholesterol values reach 72 mg of cholesterol every 100 g of sausage.

This represents an appropriate value because it fits very well within a fairly varied and balanced diet, in which the optimal blood cholesterol values for a person can be maintained.

The amount of salt contained in the product is just the necessary one to prevent microbial agents from developing in and decomposing the sausage. It also prevents the uncontrolled growth of pathogenic microorganisms that deteriorate the product.

How is the Iberian Spicy sausuge prepared?

This type of sausage is obtained from Iberian pigs in the region of Extremadura, Spain. They are seasoned with succulent hot pepper from La Vera. Garlic, spices and salt are also added. The sausage is made with artificial pig casing.

The exquisite aromatic and slightly spicy flavour is completely natural and is due to the hot pepper. The added garlic, onion, pepper and spices complement the taste of this sausage. To preserve its taste it is vacuum packed, which also makes the product lasts longer.

The most famous recipes with Iberian Spicy Sausage

This product can be eaten raw, though ideally it is eaten fried or as an extra ingredient to improve the taste and flavour of the lentils.

Contraindications or cautions

People suffering from dyslipidemia or hyperlipidemia should consume sausage in moderation, excessive intake can alter blood cholesterol levels.

Moderate consumption of this product is also recommended to people who suffer from disorders of the colon or haemorrhoids because the particles of capsaicin (the one responsible for producing the spice of the peppers) can directly affect them.

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