Patricio cheese 1 kg


Exquisite cheese made with goat’s milk and wild thistle vegetable rennet. Natural product without additives or preservatives, with a maturation of 60 days to have the optimum point of flavor and creaminess, very complete nutritionally.

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Raw milk from Merino sheeps and vegetable rennet from wild thistle. With no additives or preservatives.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

Patricio cheese is a very nutritious food, highly rich in fat, which provides a large amount of energy and protein. Its ingredients provide a high content in iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as vitamins of group A, B, D and E.

It is appreciated as a great food, good for the natural functioning of the body and the growth of muscles. It is also recommended to fight against anaemia, osteoporosis and decalcification. It provides the diet 364 kcal per 100g portion.

Because of its low lactose level, it is easy to digest, even for those suffering from lactose intolerance; it is also gluten-free and can be consumed by coeliacs.

The high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as the intense flavour and aroma Patricio Cheese has make it one of the most recommended cheeses to be included in the Mediterranean diet.

How is 1 kg Patricio Cheese prepared?

Patricio Pérez cheese, with its flavours and aromas, is one of the most exquisite products in the Mediterranean gastronomy, it is a pure sheep cheese, with a maturation of 60 days until it reaches the point of creaminess and optimum flavour, of an exquisite palate.

It is made from liquid milk from Merino sheep, transformed into solid curd, adding vegetable rennet from extracts of wild thistle flower, which gives the milk its gelatinous structure, adds bitterness and pungency, and also creates and reinforces a creamy texture.

The milk rennet is slowly produced, separating the whey from the curd; the whole process, to be served at the table, requires it is all wrapped, and often turned, developing its intense and balanced flavour throughout the piece.

Our product is a food with an intense flavour, unctuous, to be enjoyed in all its splendour with the simplicity of a glass of wine or a piece of bread, also to accompany meals, or to make preparations where it is the protagonist.

The most famous recipes with Patricio Cheese

The 1 kilo Patricio Cheese is an option to eat in several servings, or to share with others at the table, accompanying it with wine, or in a fresh salad with tomatoes, fresh basil, salt and a touch of olive oil, also adding fresh spinach leaves.

As an aperitif, it is an excellent option to combine it with fruit jam, and if you are looking to incorporate it into a main dish, risotto and pasta are excellent combinations for this cheese, pasties filled with meat are also a delight.

Contraindications or cautions

It should not be consumed by people with severe allergies to casein and lactose, as it contains those though in minimal percentages.

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