Patricio Mixed Wedge Cheese 720 gr


Homemade product made with sheep’s and cow’s milk, exquisite. It is sent under vacuum.

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Sheep milk, cow milk, rennet, salt

Benefits, Properties and Uses

The quality of a good cheese mostly depends on its ingredients, together with the way it is elaborated. The mixed cheese incorporates cow milk and sheep milk, each of which provide the product with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they contain.

The Patricio mixed cheese is homemade, the cow milk provides the necessary amount of flavour and acidity, the sheep milk joins the cow one, improving its flavour, consistency, aroma and fat content, providing 420 kcal every 100 gr portion.

Apart from being delicious, Patricio mixed cheese is a product rich in proteins, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Patricio mixed cheese contains all kinds of vitamins of the daily diet, which are indispensable for reinforcing the immune system and bones, particularly, B complex, though we can as well add vitamins A, C and D and Omega 3.

How is Patricio Mixed Cheese prepared?

The Patricio Mixed Cheese is made from raw sheep and cow milk, from which the pathogens are eliminated and then fermented. After it is coagulated, the curd is cut, and finally shaped, salted, then time does its work until it is ready.

The combination of cow and sheep milk enables to produce a cheese with a milder flavour than pure sheep cheese flavour is and somewhat more accentuated than pure cow milk cheese flavour is. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to mature.

It is vacuum packed to maintain its quality until it reaches the consumer.

The most famous recipes with Patricio Mixed Cheese.

Patricio mixed cheese is a delicious product that can be served as a snack before a meal, as a complement to raw salads with red and/or green vegetables.

It is also an excellent option if you want to make it the protagonist with pasta and meat or to be used for grilling vegetables such as aubergines, peppers and artichokes. The caramelized onion rings bathed in a Patricio mixed cheese sauce, melted with garlic, are a exquisiteness.

Another recipe in which Patricio mixed cheese is an excellent ingredient is cannelloni filled with courgette bathed in cheese sauce, combined with bacon, red peppers and a touch of ground black pepper. Cinnamon scones with mixed cheese are a perfect dessert.

Contraindications or cautions

Patricio mixed cheese should be eaten with caution by those with lactose intolerance, allergy to lactose and to casina.

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