Patricio Cured Wedge Cheese 750 gr


Handcrafted in a traditional way, this pure cured cheese is one of the most traditional products of Extremadura gastronomy, great flavor and aroma. It is sent under vacuum.

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Pure raw sheep, cow and goat milk without pasteurisation; rennet and salt.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

Pure Patricio cured cheese is a food of high quality thanks to the exclusivity and purity of its ingredients, it is a product that stands out for its exquisite taste and magnificent properties, with a unique aroma and creaminess.

Patricio Wedge cured cheese provides vitamins and nutrients to consumers. It has a high concentration of minerals, especially calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus, and its omega-3 fat and linoleic acid provide energy.

It is excellent for reinforcing bones and the immune system, its various proteins help muscle recovery. Its sodium content favours the functioning of the body, and it is combined with a high concentration of vitamins A, B, D and E.

It contains small amounts of lactose and is gluten-free, ideal for those who are lactose intolerants and coeliacs. It is easy to digest.

How to prepare Patricio Cured Wedge Cheese.

The Patricio Cured wedge cheese is pure, handmade, preserving the genuine production process, being one of the most traditional products of Extremadura gastronomy, with great taste and aroma that pleases palates.

Great care to maintain the ideal temperature of the milk after being milked is taken, to ensure its quality is preserved, from the transformation of the milk to the curd and its cuts; time gives it the concentration of taste and aroma that makes it the most favourite of cheeses.

The pure Patricio Cured cheese is a product of the highest quality, made under a controlled manual process until it is ready and has got the texture, flavour and balanced aroma that make it a unique product. The wedge is sent vacuum packed to preserve its quality.

Knowing how long to wait is the key in the production of pure Patricio Cured cheese. Time of  preparation until it is ready for consumption is the key to its concentrated and unbeatable flavour.

The most famous recipes with Patricio Cured Wedge Cheese

The balanced taste and texture of pure Patricio Cured cheese let’s you enjoy it alone or accompanied, it is usually the star on cheese boards, tasted with wine and bread, and as well with pasta and risottos.

One of the most featured recipes with pure cured cheese is that of baked vegetables with a layer of Patricio cured wedge cheese that melts and join flavours, without losing its prominence.

Also the delicious spicy cream of pure Patricio Cured cheese, an explosive mixture of flavours where the cheese melts over in low heat with spicy red pepper, oregano and olive oil.

Contraindications or cautions

Although its lactose levels are low, it should be eaten with caution by those with high levels of allergy. Those who care about their diets should consider that every 100g contributes 364 kcal to the diet.

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