Sierra Magacela Ham 500 gr


Natural maturation, made with the corresponding salting and curing process, comes from adult and white pigs cured in cellars slowly. It is shipped sliced and vacuum packed in a 500gr package.

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Sierra Magacela Ham 250 gr


Adult and cured pork meat, garlic, salt, pepper, marinade and spices

Benefits, Properties and Uses

The meat of this ham is obtained from the best white adult pigs, which have been raised in freedom in different mountains.

That is the reason why ham has a large amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins that provide great benefits to the body. Among the important minerals are potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, as well as several vitamins of the B group: B1, B3, B6 and B12.

A great quantity of proteins is also present, which helps in the growth and development of both bones and muscles of children and babies during the gestation and lactation period.

Apart from children, high-performance athletes also improve their physical performance with these proteins because they give them vitality and help strengthen their muscle mass.

Furthermore, this succulent delicacy is the product of white adult pigs that have been raised in total freedom in different mountains. This type of breeding makes the fat feeds the animals’ muscles, which then serves to create a succulent ham.

This meat provides a lot of calories, but these are of natural origin and very beneficial for the body, becoming a great ally to fight against problems of obesity and/or accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Apart from that, pork contains a certain amount of unsaturated fat which is very effective in maintaining a balance of blood cholesterol levels.

That is the reason why this ham is the best ally for those who are on diet or want to lose weight.

How is Sierra Magacela ham prepared?

This ham is elaborated with white adult pigs. It is completely natural, made up with the corresponding salting and curing processes.

It is a very special ham due to its texture, flavour, infiltrated fat and very delicious and pleasant aromas.

The product is presented sliced to make your work in the kitchen easier. And it was vacuum-packed to preserve its flavour and to make the product last longer.

The ham has been cured slowly in our cellars. The taste and sweetness is due to the care and treatment given to the pieces and to the seasoning based on salts and spices that make the ham’s succulent flavour enhanced.

The most famous recipes with Sierra Magacela ham

Our recommendation is to use Iberian acorn-fed ham to reinforce or enhance the flavour of peas and lentils. However, it can also be used as an ingredient to prepare certain sauces or stews.

Apart from that, this product is ideal to be eaten on its own or as a companion to a slice of bread or any other garnish.

Contraindications or cautions

Pork consumption should be limited, as it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort due to high concentrations of protein and minerals.

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