Deer Sausage 300 gr


Deer meat sausage in a 300 gr. presentation, with an exquisite taste to prepare the best recipes and grills.

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Deer Sausage 300 gr.


Deer, garlic, spices, pepper, and salt

How do you prepare

The Deer sausage is sausage meet and therefore its preparation is very simple.

The meat of the animal is ground and garlic, pepper, salt and other spices are added. Then it is put inside a natural or artificial casing.

The most famous recipes

Deer sausage is the main ingredient for the preparation of many dishes. Depending on the geographical area, it can be eaten alone or some sauces can be prepared.

However, the most common way of consuming it is accompanied by other meats grilled  and cooked with coal embers.

Beneficios, Propiedades y Usos

Deer meat has become the favourite meat of many families. As deer is a hunting animal, the presence of contaminating or harmful agents to health is almost non-existent.

Since the animal is fed in the wild, it is unlikely that the meat contains certain drugs, antibiotics and hormones commonly used in the feeding of other animals for consumption such as livestock and birds.

On another hand, this development and breeding out of captivity makes the animal develops more muscles and less body fat, so its caloric value is much lower.

This meat is a source of high concentration of protein which is the main food for the muscles of the body. Its particularly exquisite taste has gained great popularity in the most popular restaurants in many regions.

It is also very nutritious and has fewer calories than traditional meats such as pork, chicken and beef.

The meat is rich in vitamin B12, which has a beneficial effect on neurons and reduces migraine. It also contributes to the development of red blood cells and prevents colon cancer.

It is a good source of iron which is indispensable for the transport of oxygen in the blood to other parts of the body.

Another benefit attributed to pork is the prevention of anaemia, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis and diminishing the effects of heart disease.

Contraindications or Precautions

For the preparation of the sausage, high concentrations of sodium are used through the salt, so it is recommended that people with coronary diseases or high blood pressure consume this food in moderation.

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