Asadillo Manchego 300 gr


Ingredients: peppers roasted in a traditional wood oven, tomato, garlic, pepper, cumin, salt and citric acid, and made in their own juice without added water. Gluten free, 100% healthy. Net weight 300 gr

Very digestive combination, it improves slow digestions and its spices help to eliminate gases, and due to its bactericidal properties they fight gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.

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Roasted peppers, tomato, garlic, pepper, cumin, salt and citric acid. Gluten-free.

Benefits, Properties and Uses

This product contains a mixture of ingredients that are ideal for those who suffer from slow digestion, as they can improve it with the consumption of Asadillo Manchego.

The red pepper is the basic ingredient for the preparation of the succulent Asadillo Manchego. The pepper stands out for its antioxidant properties that help to fight against aging, protects your skin and hair.

This is possible due to the presence of vitamins B6, B9 and C. Besides this, the pepper also contains a lot of fibre, protein, water and carotenoids which is the natural additive that gives the characteristic flavour and colour peppers have got. A variety of amino acids such as lutein, flavonoids, lycopenes and capsaicin are also present.

The combined spices serve to enhance the natural flavours and aromas and to have therapeutic properties that help to remove gases. As well, they serve to have their bactericidal properties to fight against gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.

Such is the case of the pepper and cumin that, when combined in this product, contribute to and enhance the flavour of the roast, and also help to improve the health of those who consume it.

Pepper has proved to be an excellent spice with anti-cancer properties. Furthermore, its antioxidant and antibacterial properties stand out.

Cumin is an excellent immune system enhancer, helping to boost the defences that help fight against other diseases. Its antispasmodic properties are ideal for people who suffer from reflux problems.

Another ingredient in this product is the tomato, which is well known to have high concentrations of vitamin C. It also contains other vitamins and minerals that provide energy and strength to your body.

It is an ideal product for people with coeliac disease or gluten protein intolerance, as it is completely gluten-free.

How do you prepare the Asadillo?

The peppers have been roasted in a traditional wood-fired oven and the rest of the ingredients have been prepared using their own juice, with no added water, all that to guarantee the best freshness, flavours and natural aromas.

The most famous recipes with Asadillo.

The Asadillo from La Mancha is perfect as a garnish. However, its best presentation is as a companion to any dish with meat, especially red meat.

It is prepared with natural red peppers, which can be cooked with fried onions and garlic with a slightly golden colour. It also includes some tomato and it is flavoured with spices.

Contraindications or cautions

Contraindications or cautions

The presence in excess of vitamin C in the body can cause stomach pains and diarrhoea. The consumption of roast in large quantities is therefore not recommended.

People who have health problems related to the presence of haemorrhoids should consume this product in moderation, it contains pepper, which can have its consequences.

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