Box of 3-5 melons (weight approx. 11-12kg)

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Box of toad skin melons from the Los Carrizales area.

Each box contains 3-4 melons whose total weight is between 11 and 12kg approximately

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One of the characteristics that give Melón del Carrizal a unique distinctive are the properties of the land in which they are grown and the special care given to them, in a land with a level of salinity that accentuates its sweetness, being the Segura River its main source of irrigation.

Melons grown without pesticides or herbicides and fertilized with organic products (manure) that give it that crunchy texture. Its hard pulp and sweet flavor make it a unique melon that is planted in a controlled way, so that at every moment of its evolution you will be enjoying a melon collected at its exact point of maturity and not in bulk.

The melon shipping season at its peak runs from late June / early July to approximately October.

This variety is found in the LOS CARRIZALES agricultural natural park in Elche, backed by the “El Hondo” area whose area is protected by the ZEPA (special protection zone for birds).

It is worth highlighting its significant positive impact on nature since while achieving sustainable production, the desertification of the land is fought.

The reed melon is a natural product grown in a traditional environment.

PRODUCT NAME: Carrizal melon, variety: piel de sapo melon

INGREDIENTS: natural melons

HOW IT IS PREPARED: you just have to open it with a knife, it can be cut in half preferably from end to end and then the most usual thing is to cut slices and separate the seeds and eat everything except the bark.

THE MOST FAMOUS RECIPES: the most common way to consume it is by eating it directly, peeling it and eating it, although it can also be used as an additional ingredient in many dishes such as in a wonderful fruit salad, the melon will also give it a lot of juiciness because it’s all water. Another very popular and rich dish is melon with ham, an exquisite mix of sweet and salty.

BENEFITS, PROPERTIES AND USES: ideal to combat summer heat for being very refreshing and hydrating, it is a diuretic fruit due to its high water content (90% approx.) And for that same reason it also serves as a food that satisfies our hunger . It contains few calories (25 to 30 calories per 100gr.), Being only 0.1% its fat content, which makes it an ideal food for dieting without going hungry.

Among the nutrients it contains, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium stand out, among others, which provide many minerals and help with good hydration, something very important for the proper functioning of the kidneys. helps the immune system, improves the functioning of our nervous system and our muscles, eliminates toxins and prevents constipation among many other benefits.

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